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We are passionate about applying the emerging evidence towards improving your life and training. *LiftersClinic is a fee-for-service provider with payment due on date of service.

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction

If you are struggling with putting on muscle and recovering from your training session, or in pain and having to limit your training sessions- leading to lost gains and goals; then Lifters Clinic is here for you. Recovery and post injury states are not to different in their requirements….

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Prevent 45% of Soft-Tissue Injuries with Accentuated Eccentric Training

Preventing injuries is the key to success in the field of human performance. Your body’s tissues and bones require time to adapt to external loads which means putting the horse before the cart. Working hard and working smart are two key requisites to make it to your goals and aligning…

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The Complete Guide to Foundations & Fallacies of Tissue Regeneration

Here’s What You Need To Know… 1) Inflammation has an important role in recovery but its timing and duration can stall a quick return.  The use of NSAID’s, especially within the first week of recovery, has been shown to limit tissue healing and regeneration, and yes, this is backed…

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Meet Dr.Novo

Dr. Mario Novo, DPT, PT, BFR-R, Cert-DN, is a results-driven sport orthopedic physical therapist, clinical educator, and university professor who specializes in strength/conditioning and blood flow restriction rehabilitation (BFR-R). Known well by his clients/patients as a mentor and educator, Mario’s passion is to unify the highest levels of rehab science with successful mind and body strength coaching. With Mario’s research having focused on new advancements in muscle hypertrophy periodization and joint health, his goals are to share his knowledge and improve the human condition through personalized cutting edge program design. Mario currently resides in middle TN where he plans on integrating his skills and knowledge in resistance exercise and rehab to empower and inspire those individuals ready to make a change in their lives through health and fitness.

DR. Mario Novo DPT, PT, BFR-R, Cert.DN

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