Here at Lifters Clinic, each patient/client is screened and assessed using the highest in evidence-based movement and orthopedic science. No stone left unturned is our motto. Each individualized performance, recovery or strength rehab program is personalized to your current abilities and scaled to meet your lifestyle needs for scheduling, budget, and goals. Your practitioner will work one-on-one with you to motivate you and inspire you to reach your full potential. Injuries can be a difficult time in anyone's life, having an expert who cares and understands that the path to rehab is one that is built around a strong community of support is what sets Lifters Clinic apart.  

We at Lifters Clinic, are here to build a Physical Therapy practice that is built around you and your personal story. We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized treatment experience that is shaped by your performance goals and quality of life. As a licensed and credentialed sports orthopedic Physical Therapy practice, we aim to be at the forefront of performance, recovery and rehabilitation through the latest evidence-based research. Founder Dr. Mario Novo, DPT, PT, Cert. BFR, Cert. FDN works with clients/patients from every level of performance, whether a young high school athlete to professional Division I athletes, NFL, NBA, and even the WWE. Dr. Novo is a mentor, instructor, professor, and university researcher who has taught hundreds of coaches, athletic trainers, and aspiring PhD and DPT students. Trusted in the community of Middle Tennessee, he continues to maintain strong relationships in the athletic community.

Our commitment to health, wellness, and fitness throughout the age continuum means we are not only programming and planning for today but for the future as well. Lifters Clinic is a physical therapy practice for all ages with the key of longevity and quality of life within a active lifestyle being a part of our mission. We believe in the investment of your time and health and we take our responsibility seriously. We are a reliable clinic in Middle Tennessee committed to motivate and inspire you to meet your vision. We work through referrals and word of mouth. Our mission is to drive performance, recovery and rehab with integrity and commitment.


Lifters Clinic is a physical therapy practice that was founded in 2015 by Mario Novo, DPT, PT. Recognized nationally as one of the leading experts in sports rehabilitation and evidence-based exercise kinesiology. Dr. Novo is a university researcher and professor who has taught at institutions such as Cumberland University, Trevecca Nazarene University, and most recently at Belmont University. Dr. Novo helped establish one of the the top Motion Capture Research Labs out of Florida International University. His passion for teaching along with understanding the latest in analysis technology has helped researchers and practitioners better understand movement and strength training. Dr. Mario Novo is a Tennessee Department of Health Licensed Physical Therapist. He is certified in Blood Flow Restriction as well as Functional Dry Needling.


Physical Therapy

One-on-one evidence-based performance and strength rehabilitation is provided to you by a Tennessee Board Certified licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. With advances in movement assessment and treatment approaches, your rehabilitation will be on-par with what professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, and even US Olympians are receiving - all available to you and your family. We are one of the premiere performance, recovery and rehabilitation facilities in Middle Tennessee. We believe that excellent rehab should be accessible to athletes of every capacity. Whether you are recovering from surgery, minor injury, or just wish to prevent injury, we are here to serve our community. 

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Performance Assessments/Correctives

Expert dynamic movement assessments can directly aid in identifying current causes for pain as well define movement deficiencies that may increase risk for potential injury. If you are in pain, it's important to know the root cause, using a combination of wearable sensor technology and current evidenced-based dynamic movement/loading assessments can help you find faster relief and improved individual programming that is designed right for you.

The most common athletic injury is ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears, where surgery can lead to thousands of dollars of health care cost, plus recovery down time. Nearly one-third of reconstructive surgeries can lead to re-injury due to a lack of strength, proper form, and inability to correct knee posture. Lifters Clinic specializes in preventative medicine through assessing and correcting movement, without the mental burden that injuries can play on an athlete, their families and their community.

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Recovery Dry Needling

Functional Dry needling is a technique (allowed by state law) to treat myofascial pain. The technique uses a “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle, known as trigger points. This treatment when applied clinically has been successfully used to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Lifters Clinic is certified to provide you with a clean, comfortable, and private treatment environment that can specifically target your pain. Dry needling is a technique that is used all throughout professional sports, post-operative care, and post-injury to reduce muscle guarding pain and improve with recovery.

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Manual Therapy & Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization is a manual therapy modality that when combined with joint mobilization can aid in healthy nervous system rehabilitation of both acute and chronic pain. Soft tissue mobilization directly plays a role with decreasing the risk of injuries by  improving your movement deficiencies which may be the underlying cause of decreased musculoskeletal strength, endurance and general quality of life. This treatment option is available to all athletes.

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Personalized Blood Flow Restriction

Personalized BFR is a medically safe and highly effective method for both rehabilitation and performance athletes seeking faster return to sport. Evidence has shown decreased healing time for muscle, tendon, ligament and bone related injuries, as well increasing in healthy skeletal muscle mass, strength, and endurance training outcomes. Lifters Clinic is proud to work alongside Division I athletes and professional sports teams in applying BFR using a FDA listed personal tourniquet system. Dr. Mario Novo is a Certified Blood Flow Restriction instructor and practitioner who is committed to bringing the latest rehabilitation techniques to his community. Athletic trainers and physical therapists may inquire as to how to become certified. 

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Coaches Clinic

Coaches Clinic is a group centered educational program designed for strength coaches of all backgrounds to receive the most current and evidence-based strength and conditioning exercise programming, and sports nutrition/supplementation.

Public speaking services on health, wellness, and fitness are also available to the general public which include topics on education of skeletal muscle spine related back pain/chronic pain, performance correctives and preventative care, nutrition and its role with longevity/post injury recovery, and many more. Please contact us for more details. 

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