At Lifters Clinic, you will be provided the highest in evidence-based movement and orthopedic science. Through one-on-one active care, you will reach your goals faster. 

We at Lifters Clinic, are here to build a Physical Therapy practice that is built around you and your personal story. We work with clients/patients from every level of performance, whether a young high school athlete to professional. Trusted in the community of Middle Tennessee, we aim to maintain a strong relationship in the active community.

Our mission and commitment are to provide the best in health, wellness, and fitness education and treatment. Lifters Clinic is a physical therapy practice for all ages. We believe in the investment of your time and health and we take our responsibility seriously. 


Lifters Clinic, a physical therapy practice founded in 2015 by Mario Novo, DPT, PT; is part of a new breed of healthcare that is aimed at one-on-one sports medicine treatment. Recognized nationally as a leader in sports rehabilitation and evidence-based care, Dr. Novo wants to see a world where people believe in their healthcare and can see and feel the difference. Dr. Mario Novo is a Tennessee Department of Health Licensed Physical Therapist.


Physical Therapy

One-on-one care. Movement assessment and treatment approaches available to you and your family. We believe that excellent rehab should be accessible and affordable. Whether you are recovering from surgery, minor injury, or just wish to prevent injury, we are here to serve you. 

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Performance Assessments/Correctives

If you are in pain, it's important to know the root cause, using a combination of wearable sensor technology and current evidenced-based dynamic movement/loading assessments can help you find faster relief and improved individual programming that is designed right for you.


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Recovery Dry Needling

Lifters Clinic is Dry Needle certified to provide you professional sports medicine, post-operative care, and post-injury care to reduce pain and improve recovery outcomes.

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Manual Therapy & Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization is a manual therapy modality that when combined with joint mobilization can aid in healthy nervous system rehabilitation of both acute and chronic pain. Soft tissue mobilization directly plays a role in decreasing the risk of injuries by improving your movement. 

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Personalized Blood Flow Restriction

Personalized BFR is a medically safe and highly effective method for rehabilitation and performance goals. Evidence has shown when using BFR individuals had faster and better healing for muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone; as well increased muscle size, strength, and endurance training outcomes.  Athletic trainers and physical therapists may inquire as to how to become certified. 

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Coaches Clinic

Coaches Clinic is a group centered educational program designed for strength coaches of all backgrounds to receive the most current and evidence-based strength and conditioning exercise programming, and sports nutrition/supplementation. Contact us for more details. 

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Lifters Clinic

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Phone: (615) 240-7962

Week day hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm