Movement is my passion

"My mission is to accelerate human performance through sports science."

Over the past decade I have researched into the science behind muscle growth and repair. Through this passion I have found much success in achieving my mission and changing the lives of my community for the better. 


We love what we do

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Lifters Clinic is a physical therapy practice that was founded in 2015 by Mario Novo, DPT, PT. Recognized nationally as one of the leading experts in sports rehabilitation and evidence-based exercise kinesiology. Dr. Novo is a university researcher and professor who has taught at institutions such as Cumberland University, Trevecca Nazarene University, and most recently at Belmont University. Dr. Novo helped establish one of the top Motion Capture Research Labs out of Florida International University. His passion for teaching along with understanding the latest in analysis technology has helped researchers and practitioners better understand movement and strength training. Dr. Mario Novo is a Tennessee Department of Health Licensed Physical Therapist. He is certified in Blood Flow Restriction as well as Functional Dry Needling. He is considered a prominent expert in training, programming, and research in blood flow restriction.

Lifters Clinic is the difference

Your goals are our priority

Every visit is used to its fullest to build a complete understanding of your biomechanics, muscle strength, and movement capabilities. Our background knowledge of human biochemistry allows us to also use visits to discuss the vital role of a balanced nutritional lifestyle that is complimentary of your overall health goals.



We offer flexible payment services and packages to fit your individual health and fitness goals. 

Accelerate your performance, recovery, and rehab with Lifters Clinic

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