Extended Leverage sets – Training

When de-training from a strength phase, a hypertrophy protocol is essential to pack on the padding for future strength phases.

Using many different intensity techniques can apply drastic changes to muscle physiology, most notably in its increased size and protein make up.

Muscles don’t undergo hypertrophy of the contractile units first, rather they build non-contractile portions first, in order to provide increased supplies of glycogen (sugar stored in a muscle) and other various cellular structures it needs to supply the increased work load.

Using the knowledge of levers and angles we can exploit the lighter loads capabilities to induce muscle growth, when taken beyond muscle failure.

Hence, the use of an extended leverage set allows for the lifter (You), to increase the chances of inducing increased metabolic demands on the muscles while using changes in leverage to give you the upper hand.

Learn how these concepts apply to a chest and back workout in the provided video below.

Doc Novo out.


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