Lifters Clinic, PLLC is an out-of-network provider which permits significantly more flexibility when it comes to determining the price of your care.

As an out-of-network provider, Lifters Clinic, PLLC must still adhere to the rules set by the insurance company, which may require the submission requests for prior authorization or precertification.

Being out-of-network affords Lifters Clinic, PLLC with the ability to work with you the client in choosing a preferred payment method. Here are some examples of payment methods that have provided patients with direct reimbursement for Physical Therapy services, receiving up to 40-80% of the cost back from your insurance company.

  • Collect part of the payment from the patient and then submit a claim to the insurance company to be reimbursed for the remainder;
  • Collect the entire payment from the patient and then submit a claim to the insurance company requesting reimbursement on behalf of the patient; or
  • Collect the entire payment from the patient and provide the patient with a superbill that he or she can submit to the insurance company to request reimbursement.


Lifters Clinic is a Licensed medical provider for Physical Therapy and under TN law is seen as a valid member of allied health. This means that you can use your own HSA card to pay for services rendered. All visits are provided with a receipt and Super Bill (medical form) that is used for claim submission.

Self-Pay Option

Lifters Clinic also offers a Self-pay option allows the most flexibility for payment structuring and is eligible to provide a superbill for the patient to submit in order to receive reimbursement. The 2 terms “Self-pay” and “out-of-network” are often used interchangeably.

However, out-of-network providers are always credentialed—and therefore recognized by the insurance company—whereas cash-based providers may or may not be. Lifters Clinic, PLLC is a self-pay provider which furnishes a superbill to their patients. In some cases, Lifters Clinic, PLLC is not recognized by the insurance company for reimbursement.

In many cases, patients choose to not use their insurance and opt to pay for services through the self-pay option. The self-pay rate for all visits at Lifters Clinic, PLLC is $150 to $180 per 1 to 1.5 hour, one on one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

With many informed patients understanding their high deductible obligations and knowing the difference between traditional-high volume, low quality PT cost being on average of $250 to $270 per treatment session, many patients see that the self-pay option is less expensive for higher quality care.

Your choice, your provider, your outcomes.

Having expert care that is committed to your outcomes, and not that of stake holders truly means somethings when it comes to valuing your experience and achieving your goals. Lifters Clinic, PLLC prides itself of providing competitive rates for trusted, community driver, evidence based expert care through a one on one individualized healthcare experience. This company was built on the passion to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of each patient we are privileged to work alongside with.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this document and we hope that you have found it to be informative and motivational to get the high-quality care you deserve.