Scapular Stability -Shoulder Injury Prevention


We can all appreciate a good looking Turkish Get-up.

But, did you ever consider that the “shoulder” is made up of 4 joints that all have independent roles?

When we look at the basics for overhead movement we can consider the scapula or shoulder blade as the coach. The coach has a job and that is to direct the rest of the arm on what it needs to do. The coach needs the reliability of the spine and balance of the surround muscles to provide it with a strong base of stability. With the scapula stable the arm can no move in an non-impinged way.

Hence, we need to regress to progress, as they say in the rehab world.

Accessory work is what allows for such a complex movement pattern such as the Turkish Get-Up to happen flawlessly.

In this clip we discuss a shoulder scapular stability progression that will not only lend itself to the Get-up but to all pressing motions of the upper extremity.

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