Accessing a high quality, affordable healthcare outcomes where your lifestyle and fitness goals are priority is what will set aside your rehabilitation experience with Lifters Clinic. Here at Lifters Clinic we value you as an individual and therefore only provide one-on-one Physical Therapy services from a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Dr.Mario Novo will work closely with you to provide you a thorough understanding of your pain experience, movement generating symptoms, which will be used to uniquely triplet your rehabilitation programming for achieving your goals in the shortest time possible. Lifters Clinic is an out of Network PT provider which allows us to provide for you on-demand evidence based healthcare without the grouped treatment, lost time and expensive cost that is seen at inferior PT corporate practices. 


Here at Lifters Clinic we apply the highest in evidence based rehabilitation and recovery strategies to optimize your health. We at Lifters Clinic are specialized in evaluating and treating sport and non-sport related musculoskeletal injuries that are acute and chronic in nature as well post operative.

Here is a list of common injuries that are treated at Lifters Clinic:

  • Cervical Spine pain  "Tension/Stress Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Nerve related pain and upper extremity stinging or numbness"

    • Post Op Cervical procedures "Fusion, Disc related pathology", Fracture

  • TMJ dysfunction "Jaw pain with and without clicks"

  • Vestibular dysfunction "Vertigo"

  • Shoulder rotator cuff / Labral tears / AC joint dysfunction "Shoulder seperation"

    • Post Op Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair, Labral repair, AC joint repair, Total Shoulder Replacement, Upper extremity Fracture

  • Elbow joint pain "Golfers Elbow. Tennis Elbow, Front racking elbow pain"

    • Post Op Ligament reconstruction, Biceps tear, Upper extremity Fracture

  • Wrist joint pain "Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel, Finger related pain"

    • Post Op Carpal Tunnel release, Post Fracture

  • Thoracic and Lumbar Spine pain 

    • Post spine Fusion, Disectomy, 

  • Hip pain "Femoral Acetabular impingement, Labral tear, Hip flexor pain, Postpartum Deliver

    • Post Op Hip Replacement, Hip Labral Repair, Postpartum Cesarean, Lower extremity Fracture

  • Knee pain " Patelofemoral pain, Meniscal tear, ACL Tear, MCL Tear, Runners Knee, Jumpers Knee"

    • Post Op Ligament repair, ACL repair, Patellar repair, meniscal repair, Lower extremity Fracture, Knee replacement

  • Ankle pain "Sprain, Turf Toe, plantar fasciitis, Heel spur, Achilles pain

    • Post Op Ankle fusion, Achilles repair, Toe Fracture

Treatment at Lifters Clinic is all about making the most effective positive change in the shortest time possible.

Treatment approaches include:

  • Manual Therapy Soft Tissue mobilization 

    • Sports Massage, Joint Mobilization

  • Therapeutic Dry Needling

    • With Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation

  • Voo doo band Joint Flossing

  • Tissue Tempering

  • Toll Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) 

  • Pain Science

    • Individualized pain education

  • Personalized Blood Flow Restriction

    • Post Operative Rehabilitation

    • Recovery Programing

    • Individualized Muscle Building, Strength and Power Training

    • Individualized Endurance programing

      • Improved Vo2 training for Runners, Cyclist, Rowers, and Swimmers

  • Movement Assessments and video Assessment Correctives specializing in:

    • Body Builders

    • Weight Lifters

    • Power Lifters

    • Strength Athletes

    • CrossFit Athletes

    • Runners

    • Golfers

  • Sport Specific Rehab

    • Soccer Return to Play

    • FootBall Return to Play

    • Baseball Return to Play

    • Volley Ball Return to Play

    • Wrestling Return to Play

    • Martial Arts Return to Play

  • Running Assessment and Correctives

    • Video Based assessment

    • Detailed Form breakout program

    • Warm up

    • Foot Health

    • Shoe design recommendations

  • Strength and Conditioning Programming

Building your base of strength and endurance with Physical Therapy is the best thing you can do to return to full function. Which, is optimized through a 3 session/wk or at best 2/wk. It is for this reason that I offer 2 treatment packages.

The 2 variations are designed to focus on developing the most muscle adaptation in the shortest time possible that is backed by science.

There is either an 8 session or 12 session package option available. Both packages also include a progressive resisted strength and performance rehab program, therapeutic dry needling, soft tissue massage/instrument assisted massage and KT taping.

The 8 treatment package is intended for someone who can commit to a twice per week visit, as such the 12 treatment package is best suited for the person who can commit to 3 times per week. These treatment sessions are also I Include weekend availability.

With traditional PT corporate charges you will pay on average $250 per treatment session. These session which may be with a random therapist, or unlicensed student/tech is usually preformed with 2 or 3 patients at the same time. What you are paying for ultimately is not for value but rather for in-network corporate requirements that have become the corner stone of our chronic pain and opioid drug problem.

In a 12 visit corporate PT practice model you will pay $3000 after 4 or 6 weeks, depending on scheduling.

What I am so proud of is that with Lifters Clinic I can offer even higher value and superior quality at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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